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A controversy erupted after the state government ordered a departmental inquiry against Shah Faesal who topped IAS batch of 2010. Responding to the inquiry, Faesal said that “Government employees could not be asked to work under a coop”. Faesal had earlier tweeted that “Patriarchy+ Population+ Illiteracy+ Alcohol+ Porn+ Technology+ Anarchy= Rapistan” and was consequently charged for violating the All India Service (Conduct rules). The charge stated that Faesal had “allegedly failed to maintain absolute honesty and integrity in discharge.. and thus acted in a manner unbecoming of a public servant”.

In a statement, Faesal said that government service conduct rules are “so open-ended that just anyone can get a memo anytime in the name of unbecoming behaviour or utterances critical of government policy. He also said that “It is about the larger issue of freedom of speech of millions of government employees whom we often find completely detached and withdrawn from the public space out of the fear of an Orwellian monster called Government.”

Faesal added that government employees were “an inseparable part of the society who can’t be expected to disengage themselves completely from the pressing moral questions of the time.” He asserted that there is a need to express anguish on such things on social media and make people aware about such heinous crimes.

Faesal also remarked that social media is a “big disruption which has totally changed the environment in which employer-employee relationship operates, both in government and private sector.”

Presently, Faesal is on study leave in the US, where he’s pursuing master’s degree at the Harvard University. Faesal also responded to speculations whether he might quit his job or choose another career path. “I want to be in public life,” he said and maintained that “while IAS will always remain an important part of my identity, there is definitely more to my life than just that.”


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