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Samosa and Aloo? Nah! Try Fusion

One of the most popular Indian appetizers and your best friend in the rainy season, Samosas, have come a long way. Its size and consistency may differ, but this scrumptious stuffed triangle has been a constant on your plate.

The golden beauties originated in the Middle East where it is known as ‘Sambosa’ and were introduced to India in the 13th and 14th century by traders from Central Asia.

From ‘samosa pav’ in Mumbai to ‘samosa chaat’ in Delhi, this delicacy is loved by one and all. However, the snack has evolved over time. Gone are the days when the ‘samosa’ used to ride solo with just one stuffing- potato. Here are a few fusion ‘samosas’ that one ought to try:

Chinese samosa:

Tea and samosas make a perfect combination, but did you know about Chinese samosas? These lip-smacking wonders are filled with noodles, macaroni, Manchurian, fried rice and everything Chinese. A treat to taste buds, this Indo-Chinese fusion is a must have!

Something fishy?

Boiled fish mashed with spices and stuffed in wheat flour may sound peculiar, but it is totally worth a shot. The shrimp samosa is yet another amazing savoury, have it with mint or tamarind chutney. It will surely make you go nom nom!

Italian samosa:

‘Samosas with aloo’ is a passe. This quirky combination is a paradise for Italian food lovers. Be it red or white pasta, pizzas or just cheese, Italian samosas will get you drooling. Mamma-mia!

Yum alert for meat lovers!

Not just vegetarians, now meat lovers can also satiate their taste buds with the latest fusion samosa. From chicken to mutton, meat-eaters will love this combination. You just can’t reject keema stuffed in wheat flour; after all, they too have ‘fillings’ inside. (pun intended)

Did someone say chocolate?

Choco-fanatics, get ready to taste heaven with the latest addition to the Indian delight. As unbelievable as it may sound, chocolate samosas are the new found love for those with a sweet-tooth.

Not just that, melting jam samosas will also leave you craving for more. This crossbreed snack is perfect not only for your appetite but is also a lip-smacking option for get-togethers.

So, are you a true samosa lover? If yes, then head out and give yourself a treat with these mouth-watering delicacies.

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