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Panasonic Provides Electricity to Rural Areas of Myanmar

An estimated 1.1 billion of the people in the world lives without electricity.

Providing electricity to them means a requirement of more power generation.

Panasonic Corporation recently announced the launch of Off-grid Solutions Project in Myanmar, at a ceremony held in Yangon to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary.

Through the provision of the company’s related products such as solar generation and storage systems and educational activities, Panasonic aims to promote understanding of electricity for people living in off-grid areas.

The project is also part of Panasonic’s corporate social responsibility initiatives which is launched to celebrate the centennial of its founding this year.

Rika Fukuda, a Panasonic official said, “As an electric company, we wanted to solve the problems that led to poverty due to lack of electricity. We are solving such problems by using solar panels and battery technology to deliver electricity and light. We deliver our products such as power supply and solar storage to off-grid areas. And we continue to stay close together and listen to opinions on what local people need for living through the projects.”

Baingbin Senna Village is located in a remote area where residents will have no access to electricity for at least more than five years.

The donation ceremony was held at elementary schools in the village and electricity facilities such as power supply station and solar storage were donated.

Power supply station consists of solar modules and storage batteries, which enables energy to be created, stored and managed efficiently for powering up electrical appliances and lights, which are essential and important in daily lives.

Precious light also supports children’s education in off-grid villages. The opportunity to study under light is an invaluable gift for these children who are poor but have a strong desire to learn.

A student said, “It is very helpful to be able to study in a bright environment 24 hours by having electricity. I also feel that my studies have become more enjoyable since electricity came.”

Many houses in the village are benefiting from the electricity project by solar storage. It is making their lives brighter.

“Having this solar storage at home made us very happy. We are now able to create a brighter environment, pray and make daily life easier in a bright atmosphere with our families. It has brought many changes and I really appreciate it,” a resident said.

Japanese company’s project is building a sustainable society and bringing the brightness of life.

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