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New Delhi:

Railways Inducts 5 new Track Maintenance Machines

The Indian Railways inducted five new track maintenance machines, which will completely mechanise the monitoring, relaying and maintenance of tracks for the safety of commuters.

“Inducted 5 new track maintenance machines which will completely mechanise the monitoring, relaying & maintenance of tracks for the safety of commuters,” Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted on Thursday.

Indian Railways had earlier introduced a state-of-the-art integrated track maintenance technology by way of inducting thirteen 09-3X Dynamic Tamping Express machines.

The new machines include three highly efficient Dynamic Track Temping Machines, one Ballast Cleaning Machine and one Points and Crossings Tamping Machine.

Also, coaches have been refurbished indigenously at a cost of Rs. 18 lakh per coach for taking care of the accommodation needs of the staff of the track machines.

Addressing a press conference at the event, Goyal, who flagged off the machines, reiterated that safety was the main priority for the Ministry.

“Passenger safety is our main priority. We have seen close to 62 percent dip in rail accidents, thus furthering the commitment of rail safety. Today, over 13 lakh railway employees have taken a pledge to make railway journey safe and convenient,” he said.

Goyal further noted that maximum efforts were made in renewing tracks that had deteriorated over time, due to which 4,405 kilometres of new tracks were laid in the country.

He also stated that an estimated amount Rs 13,000 crore is expected to be pumped into new machines and modern technology over the next year, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Indian Railways aims to completely mechanise inspection, monitoring, relaying and maintenance of railway tracks by 2020 on trunk route and 2024 on the entire network of the Indian Railways.

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