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Another Building Collapses in Ghaziabad

Less than a week after a building collapse claimed two lives, another five-storey building has collapsed here on Thursday.

As per an eyewitness, the building, situated in Khoda area, housed a clothes showroom, which had to be shut down due to the poor condition of the building.

“The building was old, nobody stayed there. A clothes showroom was there but that too had been shut down as the condition of the building was not good,” a local told media.

Following the collapse, National Disaster Response Force(NDRF) and other rescue teams were pressed into action to clear the rubble.

“The building was not in good condition, it was 8-10 years old and had been evacuated already. NDRF and other rescue teams are present at the spot,” Ghaziabad District Magistrate Ritu Maheshwari told reporters here.

No casualties have been reported.

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