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North Korea Still Developing Nuclear, Missile Programs, Says Pompeo

Months after the summit between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was held, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed that Pyongyang was violating international sanctions by continuing to develop nuclear and missile programs.

This statement from the US Secretary of State came while reviewing the United Nations’ (UN) report at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) meet in Singapore.

According to CNN, the confidential dossier was prepared by a batch of independent experts working for the UN, who have been directed to submit their latest findings pertaining to Pyongyang ‘s nuclear programme in every six months to the UN North Korea Sanctions Committee of the Security Council.

Pompeo, during his visit to Singapore, said his duty was to push North Korea to dismantle its nuclear program, adding that the Kim Jong-un administration is yet to take any palpable steps in order to dismantle its decade-old nuclear program.

“I have also emphasised the importance of maintaining diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea, to achieve the final, fully verified denuclearisation of the DPRK as agreed to by Chairman Kim,” CNN quoted Pompeo, as saying, while referring to the isolated north Asian nation by its official title (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).

Talking further about the denuclearisation issue, Pompeo added that he had urged all South Asian countries to terminate illegal export of petroleum to North Korea, in order to facilitate a “complete shutdown of illegal ship-to-ship transfers of petroleum destined for North Korea.”

Pompeo also accused the Russian government headed by Vladimir Putin of helping North Korea evade UNSC resolutions.

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