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New Authentication Method Will use Hand Gestures as Password

 Thursday, August 9, 2018  |  No Comments

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New Authentication Method Will use Hand Gestures as Password

Researchers have invented a new method of authentication which will identify a person’s hand gestures or fingers making a motion in the air to authenticate their identity.

Called FMCode, the framework is capable of correctly identifying users up to 96.7 percent. The researchers at the Arizona State University indicate that such a method eliminates the need to remember long passwords, FastCompany reported.

The system is also low on error rate because the gestures or finger motions in the air won’t be exactly the same each time and with machine learning it can spot fraud. The possible applications of the authentication system include VR applications or operating theater with the touchless interface for doctors.

(Minimal edits applied, story generated from syndicated ANI feed)
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