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New Delhi:

Google Doodle Marks Commencement of Asian Games 2018

Google with a colourful doodle is celebrating the commencement of the 18th edition of the Asian Games on Saturday.

The doodle features sports like Kabaddi, weightlifting, Archery, Baseball, Fencing, and Jujitsu.

45 nations of Olympic Council of Asia, including India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Nepal, and Japan, are participating in the event that is being hosted by Indonesia. The Asian Games is organised by the Olympic Council of Asia and held at an interval of four years.

This year’s game will also include non-physical events like esports, or competitive video games.

Google in its official blog wrote, “Esports will be considered a “demonstration” category this year, so no official medals will be given, but they plan to do so at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.”

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