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Daily Archives: 22nd August 2018

Dialogue is the only way to Pull Out Jammu and Kashmir from Prevailing Situation:...

The governor also said that the pursuit of divisive and confrontational approaches would not lead to resolution of any problem and he also appealed to all political parties, civil societies, NGO's and other stakeholders to seriously ponder seriously over what exactly has been gained from the endless turmoil

Article 35 A is Arbitrary and Violates Women’s Rights says BJP Leader

The Article 35 A violates the rights of a woman, who wants to marry a man of her choice, as marriage to a man from outside the state will deprive her and her heirs, the right to property, government job and right to vote in the state assembly and local body elections.

India is trying to make Kashmir into Palestine: Yasin Malik

Addressing supporters after Friday prayer, who were protesting against the tampering of Article 35 A, Malik said that the RSS backed Government of India is trying to abrogate the Article 35 A  and by scrapping the state subject law, the RSS and the BJP wants to change the demography of the state after which a plebiscite would be irrelevant

Radhika Vemula Receives Promised Sum from IUML: Controversy Ends

It was two years back, during the peak of the Rohith Movement, that IUML promised an assistance of 25 Lakh rupees to his family to build a house.

Declare Kerala Floods as National Disaster: Students Slam BJP Government

“We all need to pressurize the central government. Kerala is also part of the Indian Union. We need to show minimum responsibility to the citizens of Kerala. This is not the time to play politics. We are demanding a very basic thing. Justice is not done in Kerala and we demand it. Right now, PM is there in Kerala. If you are waiting for your PR work to be done and then send help that is not what we expect. Save our lives and then do your PR,” Arundathi added.

Congress Devises Kashmir Policy for Upcoming Election in J&K

The local Congress leaders are of the view that the  Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and National Conference (NC) all three have stated policy on Kashmir and it was only Congress which did not have a policy since 1947

Heavy Deployment of Security Forces on the Eve of Eid-Ul -Adha in Jammu and...

Ahead of Eid-Ul-Adha, the state government has directed authorities across the state of Jammu and Kashmir to increase the deployment of security forces and take other measures to ensure peaceful Eid-ul-Adha congregations and prayers