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On Independence Day, Governor Narinder Nath Vohra said in his speech that dialogue is the only solution that could pull the state of Jammu and Kashmir from the prevailing situation. Addressing the audience at Sher-Kashmir stadium, the Governor said that unlike other states, Jammu and Kashmir has been striving to achieve its developmental goals. “Our state suffers from inadequate connectivity, major markets, difficult geographical and climatic conditions and cross-border terrorism. Our neighbour always keeps an eye on Kashmir and sends a large number of militants across the international border and line of control (LOC), which results in counter-terrorism measures, which proved to be disastrous for human life. He said that for the past one year, the killing of security personnel and civilians were increased due to effective anti-militancy operations,” he said.

The governor also said that the pursuit of divisive and confrontational approaches would not lead to resolution of any problem and he also appealed to all political parties, civil societies, NGO’s and other stakeholders to seriously ponder seriously over what exactly has been gained from the endless turmoil. “In order to pull out the people of the Jammu and Kashmir from the prevailing environment of suspicion, fear, distrust and growing cynicism, it is important to all stakeholders beyond political or religious identities should come close and muster the courage to accept that our problems can be resolved only through the method of dialogue and discussion,” says Vohra. “Whenever I get an opportunity to visit any educational institute, I appeal to teachers, students, parents and community leaders to take every possible step towards protecting the interest of the younger generation. It is extremely important that the anger of our youth, for whatever reasons it may arise, must not lead to them getting involved in violent activities,” he said.

Vohra also said that since the last few years, a number of talented youth, some of whom were pursuing professional studies in different institutes across the country were influenced to pick up the gun and join militant groups.
“It is gratifying that some of these young men have since returned to their families,” he said.

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