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The Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday said that the policies of the government of India regarding Kashmir would turn Kashmir into a Palestine.

Addressing supporters after Friday prayer, who were protesting against the tampering of Article 35 A, Malik said that the RSS backed Government of India is trying to abrogate the Article 35 AÂ and by scrapping the state subject law, the RSS and the BJP wants to change the demography of the state after which a plebiscite would be irrelevant.

He further said that the outsiders in Jammu and Kashmir would impact not only the demography but also our customs as well as traditions. The policy of India is to settle outsiders into the state and then ask the United Nations to hold a referendum on the Kashmir issue so that the aboriginal populace would be outnumbered.

“They (RSS) want to settle outsiders in the same manner as Israel got its people settled in Palestine under a well-knit conspiracy,” the JKLF chief said. He further said that India wants to settle its people on the property duly owned by the people of the State and then throw the Jammu and Kashmir residents out eventually. Malik who is also a part of the Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) had given a joint statement earlier wherein he had said that the abrogation of Article 35 A would lead to a protest which would be more powerful than the earlier one.

The JRL also said that they want to make it clear to New Delhi that Kashmiris would not take this attack on them lying down. “Any and every attempt made at changing the demographic character of the state will be stoutly resisted. They can kill us or detain us, but we won’t succumb to pressure tactics,” the leadership said. “We are even ready to sacrifice our lives and face detentions to safeguard people’s interests and the disputed nature of the state,” they added

The JRL also said that they have been in touch with all segments of society including the legal fraternity, traders, civil society members, academia and others and there is complete agreement and cohesion among all with regard to resisting and fighting this serious assault together. Malik also said that the JRL had met with various scholars of Islamic thought and along with assuring their support, they too had agreed to educate the people. “We won’t let our Islamic identity diminished,” Malik said. “On August 26 and August 27, a complete strike will be observed throughout the state and people will register their total disapproval and resistance to this politically motivated move,” the leadership said.

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