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Army Orders Disciplinary Action against Major Gogoi over Srinagar Hotel Incident

 Monday, August 27, 2018  |  No Comments

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On May 23, Major Gogoi, an army officer, a girl and a man were arrested by police from grand Mamta hotel. The incident came into light when the hotel staff called the police saying that a man from Assam along with a local boy, who was later identified as Sameer Ahmad Malla from Lokipora Budgam, was raising ruckus in the hotel lobby after being denied the right to allot room to a local girl. The army major was furious at the hotel staff for denying the room, which he booked through the internet.

The army officer used his residential address; Bordoloi Nagar Tinsukia, Assam in the hotel ticket booked on 24th May 2018. He and a local girl arrived for check-in at around 10 am and the duo was asked for identity proof by hotel staff before being let inside the room. “They produced their identity cards which revealed that they were from two different places. The male guest later turned out to be an army officer. He was not a native of the state while the girl hailed from Budgam district. As per our hotel rules, we don’t allow guests, who are not in kinship, inside the hotel. We refused access to them after their identity raised suspicion,” said the hotel manager, Manzoor Ahmad.

The army officer and the girl left the hotel reception in a hurry after the ruckus. However, outside the hotel premises, there was an altercation between Gogoi, his driver who was a local and the hotel staff. As the altercation began, the hotel staff called the police. A team of policemen immediately rushed to the scene to take stock of the situation.
“It surfaced that a woman and a person named Sameer Ahmed of Budgam had come to see some person. But, the hotel receptionist did not allow them to meet the person,” a police spokesman said.

Later, all three were taken to the Police station Khanyar Srinagar and “it was learnt that the woman had come to meet an army officer.” The identity and particulars of the army officer were then collected by the police. The spokesperson also said that the trio was freed after the police recorded their statements.“All the three were let off as there was no ground for their detention.  No First Information Report (FIR) was registered in this matter. However, Inspector General of Police, Swayam Prakash Pani,has ordered probe in this matter.”

Meanwhile, it was the same Major Leetul Gogoi who attained notoriety in Kashmir when he strapped a civilian Farooq Dar to the front of his jeep and paraded him through a village in Budgam to instil fear among the people there. Far from punishing the officer, the chief of the army was then rewarded with a letter of commendation. Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat had also supported Major Gogoi for tying a civilian to the bonnet of his jeep and using him as a human shield during violence in central Kashmir’s Budgam district

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