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Kawalpreet Kaur, a student and Delhi University President of All India Students Association (AISA) alleged that she faced attack from Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) members on her way to Kirori Mal College. She was at the university with her friends to meet one of the professors.

As the incident goes, Kawalpreet had joined an ongoing election campaign that was happening at the campus as she noticed 4 students belonging to ABVP following them and were passing comments and threats.

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“Friends, I am just back from the hospital and want to tell you all about what exactly happened today at Kirori Mal College. We were constantly abused by those people. When I asked them not to do so, they started hurling abuses at me and humiliated me in front of my friends. They used such shameful words for me which I cannot spell out here,” wrote Kawalpreet on her Facebook page.

She further explained that she was so humiliated that her natural response was to slap one of the guys. “Immediately, without losing a second, the guy slapped me so tightly that I lost my balance for seconds and I had tears in my eyes. After this, that guy ran away and when my friend Dhiraj ran to get hold of him, he was surrounded by at least 12-15 ABVP just before the college main gate. They assaulted brutally until a professor stopped them and rescued Dhiraj,” Kawalpreet said in a statement to media.

Since the news broke out there had been widespread hate campaigns unleashed against the student leader. “I just want to say to everyone that all these attacks won’t put us down. We will fight the humiliation and wouldn’t be bow down by these attacks. I was told later that they were Mohit Dahiya, Sandeep Sharma and others are still unidentified,” she added.

Responding to TWJ correspondent AISA All India President Sucheta De said, “This is a part of BJP’s politics. It is a part of their game plan. This is what the ABVP and BJP government have been trying to do for the longest time; to unleash terror and hooliganism against anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the ideologies of RSS.”

Adding more clarity to the recent incident Sucheta continued, “In Delhi University they have specifically been targeting Kawalpreet and this is the sixth or seventh time that she was attacked and targeted. She is AISA DU Unit President. She was going for a campaign when these guys came and attacked her. They have betrayed the student community, they have betrayed on the agenda of education and employment. Their only way now is to target and unleash violence. In the upcoming student’s elections, the students will give a mandate against this politics that they are following.”

Asked if the police had been supportive, Sucheta responded that the police had filed an FIR.

“But if they were competent enough what has happened now wouldn’t have happened. The police come under the central government and they are given specific instructions on how to function,” added her. However, ABVP denied the accusation calling it pre-poll propaganda and had filed a counter FIR against Kawalpreet for slapping the ABVP member.

Meanwhile, Delhi University elections are scheduled to be on September 12th. Aam Aadmi Party’s student’s wing CYSS and AISA have formed an alliance.

Addressing the press conference AAP leader Gopal Rai said, “DU students are fed up with ‘muscle power’ and ‘money power’ in DUSU elections. Students want a change for better education and facilities. With the alliance of CYSS and AISA, there will be the beginning of positivity in student politics.”

NSUI and ABVP had an upper hand at last years DUSU elections.

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