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Muhammed Sajid, 23, hanged himself to death, around 8 at night on the 31st of August after he was publicly humiliated and beaten up by a mob. The incident happened in Kuttippala near Tirur in Malappuram.

The incident leading to the death happened on 24th of the same month, early morning. It happened 2 kms away from Sajid’s residence where some people tied Sajid up on grounds of him being in a suspicious situation. He was then beaten up after which his photographs were circulated. The viral photographs described Sajid as a thief and this led to his suicide.

Musthafa, father of the deceased, alleged that the police were not ready to charge a case against the mob in the beginning. “The people who harassed him were identified. They were not strangers. But the police were not ready to charge case,” he said. Kalppakancherry police responded to the allegation stating that they did not file a case on that day because both parties informed that they did not have any complaints. At the same time, the people who were accused of physically violating Sajid said that they tied him up because they knew he had come to steal. They also said that Sajid wasn’t physically harmed by anyone.

Kerala has a history of two mob lynchings this year. On February 23rd of this year, Madhu, an Adivasi man from Attappadi was lynched to death by a mob on charges of stealing food. Manik Roy, a migrant worker from Bengal was also killed in a similar fashion in Kollam district.

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