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Google Celebrates Oskar Schlemmer’s 130th Birthday

Google on Tuesday paid tribute to German, sculptor, painter, designer, and choreographer Oskar Schlemmer on his 130th birth anniversary.

The search giant created a doodle, which shows a bulbous mechanical figure standing in a ballet pose wearing metallic masks.

Schlemmer is well-known for his work “Triadisches Ballett” or Triadic Ballet where the performers were transformed into geometrical figurines.

He was also famous for his fascination for the divine and architectural aspect of the human body. He captured each and every possible movement into his complex art form and labeled every performance as “artistic metaphysical mathematics”, which according to him was the purest form of physical aesthetics.

Schlemmer was the youngest of six children who attended art school before becoming a director of stage research and production.

The polymath died on April 13, 1943, when Germany was under Hitler’s rule.

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