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In a shocking revelation, Talib Hussain, a tribal activist as well as the key witness in the Kathua gang rape and murder case, has allegedly been threatened to be killed in police custody before he reaches the court. Currently, Hussain has been kept in the Hiranagar jail of Kathua district, over alleged charges of rape leveled by his relative.

Hussain’s friend and state secretary of Gujjar Bakarwal Youth Conference, Sadiq told reporters that during his previous hearing on September 13, Talib had informed him that he was being threatened. “They are threatening to brutally kill him because he is the prime witness in the Kathua rape case”, a jail inmate who was with him was released last week had said. He confirmed that the assistant superintendent of the police (SP) and others are hatching a plot to kill him before his next hearing on September 25. He said further, that the assistant superintendent has even threatened him verbally.

Friends of Talib Hussain while speaking to TWJ said, “Few politicians belonging to the Centre are involved in this conspiracy. They want to muzzle Talib’s voice as he is the witness in the Kathua rape and murder case. We, his friends, fear that they will try to harm him in any way possible.”

Meanwhile, Hussain’s lawyer had appealed the judge in the Sessions Court in Samba to provide him with security as they fear that his life is in danger. “Advocate Anwar Choudhary and Akram Choudhary had appealed to the judge in the Sessions Court in Samba to provide Hussain with extra security inside the jail and shift him to a different locker where a CCTV will capture all the movements.”

On the order of the judge, he was shifted to another locker by the Superintendent. “Talib had also told the Superintendent of Police (SP) that the assistant SP and others have been threatening to kill him,” said Sadiq, a friend of Talib Hussain.

Meanwhile, extra security has been given and CCTV has been installed outside Hussain’s locker in the jail. This is not the first time, earlier the Jammu and Kashmir police were accused of torturing and assaulting him by repeatedly banging his head against the wall, so much so that, the eyewitness revealed that they saw him drenched in blood. However, the police had denied any such allegations saying that Hussain had attempted to commit suicide and was now shifting charges onto them.

In another development to the story, the woman who alleged that she was raped by Talib Hussain in Chadwa forest has not been showing up in the court.

As per Hussain’s lawyer, Mubeen Farooqi, no concrete evidence has been found against him until now. “This is a completely hypothetical case. There is no evidence, nothing. Even the woman has not been showing up for the statement. When she lodged a complaint, she should also come and give her statement. Why isn’t she showing up,”

Talib Hussain had risen to prominence after he led a campaign to demand justice in the brutal rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Rasana village Kathua. He is the prime witness in the case and has been demanding justice for the family. He was arrested on July 31 from Tral, Kashmir, following an allegation of rape against him and was brought to the police station in Samba.



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