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Rajasekharan with his Devil’s knot

It is Guinness time again for Rajasekharan and this time around, for the love of puzzles, Parameswaran has created the world’s largest Devil’s knot or Edakoodam.

Edakoodam (the devil’s knot) is an earlier version of the Rubik’s cube and it literally signifies a puzzle that is difficult to solve. It is a set of six wooden blocks which once dismantled, takes proper mathematical skills to assemble again. Rajasekharan’s devil’s Knot measures 7.3m long, 0.6m wide and 0.6 m high, breaking the record of Foffa Conrad installed in Valchava, Switzerland which is 6m long, 0.4m wide and 0.4m high. The Edakoodam is made using wood and metal frame.

Hailing from Trivandrum, Rajasekharan is popularily known as Marthandam Rajasekharan. He marked his presence as a painter, an art director and was the recipient of the Kerala State Film Award for best art director of 2007 for the movie, ‘Naalu Pennungal’, directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. He has also held art exhibitions in various places including Singapore and Malaysia.

Having a Guinness record to his credit is not new for him since he also holds the record for the largest easel painting. The easel is 56.5 feet tall, 31 feet wide and holds a 25 feet long and 50 feet wide painting of EMS, a communist leader and the first democratically elected Chief Minister of Kerala. He achieved this record in 2008.

Rajasekharan is planning to do the largest professional oil painting by a single painter next. He says “I have already submitted my application for the record of largest professional oil painting by a single painter. I am confident in breaking the current US record of 240 sq ft painting”. He also plans to do the painting either in UK, US or Malaysia. Talking about the choice of the place he responded that it is difficult to get funding in India and he would do the painting in India if he is sufficiently funded.

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