ABVP goes frantic post-polls, Arson Violence Erupts at Allahabad University (Courtesy: Uday Prakash Yadav)
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ABVP goes frantic post-polls, Arson Violence Erupts at Allahabad University (Courtesy: Uday Prakash Yadav)

Violence erupted at Allahabad University on 5th October soon after the results of the students union election were announced. According to reports, hostel rooms were set ablaze, bombs were hurled and clashes between student parties had broken out. Four students were also arrested in connection with the incident.

The hostel room of the newly elected president, Uday Prakash from SCS, was the focus for the ABVP activists. The room was set ablaze and the motorcycles that were parked near the hostels were also burnt. Police lathi charged to bring the situation under control and many students were detained. However, several students have reported that it was the ABVP activists who had started the clash.

“Uday Prakash Yadav of SCS was elected as president whereas Akhilesh Yadav of NSUI was elected the Vice President. The student wing of RSS, irked by their defeat set fire to seven rooms with bomb and petrol. The issue happened in the presence of police personnel. There has been a call for protests. We haven’t yet come to a final decision on how to move forward” says Dinesh Chaudhary a student of Allahabad University.

Uday Prakash has now lodged an FIR against 20 students affiliated to the ABVP following the incident. However, Colonelganj Circle Inspector Alok Mishra have rejected the claims of the students and informed the press that the arrested students don’t belong to any political outfits and have been charged with criminal offences before.

He also rejected the claims of students that several rooms were burnt and said that only the room of the newly elected presidential candidate was burnt. According to the police, the alleged attackers were illegally staying at hostels.

The incident came into light when Uday Prakash wrote on his Facebook page. ABVP is now denying that their supporters set fire to the room. They have also claimed that the miscreants were personal supporters of the presidential candidate and not affiliated to the organisation.

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