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The great March protests that were organized on 7th December 2018, to demand the return of exile Palestinians to their homes, has led to a huge backlash. As per reports, Israeli forces used lethal weapons against the demonstrators and injured 72 civilians including 11 children, 1 woman and 2 paramedics in the peaceful demonstrations in the eastern Gaza Strip.

Every Friday, since the rallies began in March, demonstrations demanding the right of Palestinians to return of Palestinians were made. However, every protest were dealt with force from the Israeli forces. The protesters, on the other hand, abstained themselves from burning tires, throwing stones or incendiary balloons and from attempting to cross the border fence. The demonstrators also stayed ten meters away from the border fence, chanting slogans and demanded the return of exile Palestinians. The Israeli forces on the other side used military jeeps and excessive forces against the peaceful demonstrators by opening fire at them.

Despite the prevailing calmness, the Israeli forces fired live and rubber bullets in addition to hundreds of teargas canisters, particularly in eastern Jabalia, Gaza and al-Bureij refugee camp. Since its beginning on 30th March 2018, the Israeli response to the march has resulted in the loss of several human lives. In total, 175 civilians including 33 children have been killed while a total of 9,733 people were injured.

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