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The Congress party of Jammu and Kashmir had hinted about forming an alliance for the upcoming legislative assembly and Lok Sabha elections. On Wednesday, the state Congress chief Ghulam Ahmad Mir implied that they were considering a pre-poll alliance for the upcoming elections in the state, to counter the BJP. Addressing the press conference, Mir said that various parties are leaning towards an alliance with the Congress. However, the party high command have said that they would make the call. The statement comes out a day after the vice president of National Conference (NC) Omar Abdullah ruled out any pre-poll alliance for the forthcoming assembly polls in the Jammu and Kashmir.

However, the Congress chief said that the party would mainly focus on internal preparations for the elections. He further said during panchayat elections in the state, the Congress emerged as the single largest party with the maximum number of panchs and sarpanchs seats. Mir also stated that Congress would emerge as a single largest party even if it goes alone in the forthcoming elections since the party is working for the basic development of the state.

Mir said that the recent victory of Congress across three Indian states would impact the voters of Jammu and Kashmir. “I was surprised to see how keenly the people of Jammu and Kashmir were following the election results. Following the composite culture of the state, the people have always followed the trend established by voters,” Mir added. Mir also said that in the last four years, the BJP has only tried to divide the country across religious lines.

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