First plant on Moon: China grows a cotton plant on Moon

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A small cotton shoot is growing on Moon inside a bucket like a container on board a Chinese lunar lander, Chang’e-4. Chongqing University, which led the biological project, said in a media briefing that pictures sent back from the lunar lander on January 12 showed the plant growing.

Scientists from Chongqing University designed the “mini lunar biosphere” experiment. It consists of an 18cm bucket-like container holding air, water and soil in which the cotton plant was seen grown. The scientists said there are cotton, Arabidopsis – a small, flowering plant of the mustard family – and potato seeds, as well as fruit-fly eggs and yeast inside the container.

Through Chang’e 4 probe, China became the first country to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon on 3 January 2019. China is aiming to become a space superpower and is competing with the U.S. to explore Mars and beyond. China with an Annual space budget of 8 billion dollars is planning to send a probe to the red planet by the end of this decade and build its own space station by 2022

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