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Daily Archives: 3rd February 2019

Polar vortex causes extreme cold weather in the US

There were similar outbreaks in 2014, 1989, 1985, 1982, and 1977 but this year’s weather will be way more colder than them.

We have to create a plan of action and strive for the downfall...

I’m not sure if the political leaders who won elections have been fulfilling their promises or are they fighting like me on each and every issue. But I work with the intention of fulfilling Rohith’s dream with deepest ambitions against the acts committed by the hinduthva forces. They are not scared of constitutional laws and are unleashing brutal attacks to re-establish the caste-based society and order.

Violence has been tested long, we have to bring it to the end says...

She was addressing the students of the University of Hyderabad during Rohith Shahadath Din, in memory of Rohith Vemula.