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ABP news channel’s Lok Sabha election predictions are now going viral on social media. On Sunday, just after the declaration of election dates, ABP channel broadcasted a poll survey on the Lok Sabha polls of this year in alliance with C-Voter. According to their prediction, NDA would get 264 seats in the election. Unfortunately, ABP news got their seat count quite wrong. The display read 564 seats for NDA in Lok Sabha elections, while Lok Sabha has just 543 seats. Though the channel redressed it immediately, screenshots got spread all around social media platforms.

The channel is known for its standpoint in favour of BJP. Highlighting this, social media trollers are using the chance at its best to ridicule BJP as well as ABP. While some taunted the channel, others are mocking NDA and Modi. People are also trolling the tagline of the channel “we keep you ahead.”

One user wrote, ” ABP walks the extra mile in predicting poll results – adds all parliament seats of Pakistan and Bangladesh including Burma to the NDA tally. Result – NDA gets 564 out of 543. ”

Another one reacts, “If this is true, God save the country from this media. ”

This channel was in news last year for sacking its senior journalists including the managing editor for reporting against the Modi government.

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