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New Delhi:

The wage growth of Indian rural workers subsides. As per the reports by Indian Express, rural wages grew 3. 8 per cent year-on-year in last December.

As the report says, annual inflation in December was minus 0. 07 per cent for food and 4. 45 for non-food items. This shows the distress isn’t confined to the agricultural field alone. The data released before elections is expected to be a big set back against the central government.

According to the data compiled by a private firm, the average wage for men across agricultural and non-agricultural Indian rural areas rose by 3. 4 per cent in January of last year, which is lower than the 6 per cent growth made in January 2017. The wage growth seen in January 2018 was the lowest in the last 3 years.

In December 2018, the national daily rural wage rate was Rs. 322. 62, which was 3. 84 per cent higher than the same for December 2017 (at Rs. 310. 69). Factoring in annual rural Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation (1. 5 per cent), it would mean that wages rose by only 2. 3 per cent in real terms, says the Indian Express report.

However, during the UPA government’s tenure (December 2009 – 2013), nominal rural wages rose by 17. 8 per cent. The report also says that the December year-on-year wage growth for skilled workers has also lagged behind overall rural wage growth in three out of five years of the NDA government.

Since there had been a number of national and local farmers’ protests in the country during the NDA government in office, these facts and reports would be a backlash to them.

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