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New Delhi:

Condemning the decision of Modi government to pump Rs. 1500 crore to save Jet airways, Vijay Mallya attacked the government for not doing anything for him and his now defunct Kingfisher airways. He also urged Indian banks to take his money to help the cash-strapped Jet airways.

“I repeat once again that I have placed liquid assets before the Hon’ble Karnataka High Court to pay off the PSU Banks and all other creditors. Why do the Banks not take my money? It will help them to save Jet Airways if nothing else,” read his tweet.

Mallya also openly called out the NDA government for its double standards in a series of tweets. He asked why is it that the NDA government is pitching public sector banks to save jet airways but let his company, Kingfisher Airlines, “fail ruthlessly.”

Mallya who is currently called a fugitive economic offender, also mentioned that his investments to save Kingfisher was not recognised and that he was criticised for no apparent reason.

“Happy to see that PSU Banks have bailed out Jet Airways saving jobs, connectivity and enterprise. Only wish the same was done for Kingfisher,” he wrote.

“I invested over 4000 crores into Kingfisher Airlines to save the Company and its employees. Not recognised and instead slammed in every possible way. The same PSU Banks let India’s finest airline with the best employees and connectivity fail ruthlessly. Double standards under NDA,” he added.

Mallya also took the opportunity to slam the BJP government. “BJP spokesman eloquently read out my letters to PM Manmohan Singh and alleged that PSU Banks under the UPA Government had wrongly supported Kingfisher Airlines. Media decimated me for writing to the current PM. I wonder what has changed now under the NDA Government,” asked Mallya.

Recently, Naresh Goyal, who is the founding chairman of Jet Airways had quit the organisation and invited funds to save the firm. It is under these circumstances that the NDA government announced that banks would pump 1500 crores to save jet airways.

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