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Uttar Pradesh:

The prime accused of Dadri mob lynching case was seen attending Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s campaign rally held on Sunday. They were seen to be occupying the front row among the audience and were cheering for the speech Adityanath gave. The Chief Minister was campaigning for upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Greater Noida’s Bisara village.

The Dadri mob lynching case happened in 2015, when Mohammad Akhlaq, a Muslim man and resident of Dadri constituency was lynched and murdered on the allegation of possessing beef. The accused are out on bail.

55-year-old Akhlaq was dragged out of his house and beaten up, along with his son Danish. The mob accused him of killing a cow and keeping its meat at home. After the incident, the area was divided on this basis and Akhlaq’s family had to leave their village.

Addressing the rally held at the same place where this incident took place, Adityanath said, “Who doesn’t remember what happened in Bisara? Everybody knows it. How shamefully the Samajwadi Party government tried to suppress the sentiments then. I can say as soon as our government was formed we got all illegal slaughterhouses stopped in one go and ensured its strict implementation.” The prime accused Vishal Rana is clearly visible in the videos circulated of the campaign.

The Bharatiya Janata Party is fielding Mahesh Varma from this constituency and Adityanath came to campaign for him. Addressing the crowd, he said, “In my two years, has there has been any Bisada-like incident in the state? Has there been a safety concern to sisters and mothers? No. This cannot happen because we have said that we will guarantee safety and development to 23 crore citizens of the state, bring everyone into the mainstream. We won’t differentiate between people but won’t engage in appeasement politics.”

He also accused that during the former state governments of Uttar Pradesh, many riots broke out in Western UP. False cases were filed against Hindus, which created a “breeding ground” for riots, he said.

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