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While addressing Assam voters in his speech, Congress president Rahul Gandhi criticized PM Narendra Modi’s promise to credit 15 lakh rupees in every Indians bank account. He also ridiculed Modi and his self proclaimed title Chowkidar

During demonetisation, while common people were made to stand in queues, business tycoons flood with their money, Rahul accused. “Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi, Anil Ambani were not in line (outside banks). While you were busy standing in queues, India’s thieves looted the money and fled with the help of the chowkidar (Modi),” he said addressing an election rally in Lakhimpur.

He also brought up the increase in dissatisfaction among farmers during the ruling time of Modi. “Have you seen a chowkidar in front of houses of farmers and workers? But there are scores of chowkidars at the houses of Anil Ambani and Gautam Adani,” he said.

The attack continued further and Rahul went on to say, “Modi promised ?15 lakh to all, but the murder accused BJP president Amit Shah said it was a jumla and cannot be deposited in the account.”

Rahul also promised the people of Assam that Congress wouldn’t support Citizenship Amendment Bill. Explaining the NYAY scheme he said that ?72,000 will be deposited annually in the accounts of a woman member of the 20% poorest families of the country.

“The support to five crore families will revive the economy,” he said.

“Nearly 20% of our population earns less than Rs 12,000 per month. As soon as our government is formed we will put names of all these families in a list and will deposit Rs 72,000 each year into their bank accounts,” he reassured.

Among his other promises are a special status to states in the northeast and industrial policy for the region.

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