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“PM Narendra Modi will not do anything for Dalits, poor and the backward classes. He will damage the nation. Please vote for him.” There was a moment of silence among the audience as Prahlad Joshi translated Amit Shah’s words.

Was it a Freudian slip? Perhaps! What went wrong with Amit Shah? Well, the translator!

Addressing the crowd at Challkere of Karnataka’s Devanagari district Amit Shah had said, “Siddaramaiah government could not develop Karnataka. The upcoming BJP government in Karnataka will ensure the welfare of the Tribal communities and will work for the upliftment of the Poor, Dalits and Tribals alike.”

Earlier this week, Amit Shah had a slip of the tongue while criticising the Congress and ended up calling B.S Yeddyurappa as the most corrupt in the history of Karnataka. Yeddyurappa was present on the stage, attending the election campaign.

“The government headed by Mr Yeddyurappa was the most corrupt in the history of Karnataka,” said Shah. This was immediately corrected by one of his BJP colleagues.

However, Siddaramaiah seemed pretty amused. He shared the video on Twitter with the caption, “The #ShahOfLies finally speaks the truth. Thank you @AmitShah”

Attacking Modi and Amit Shah in a recent campaign Siddaramaiah said, “I have not seen a politician who lies as much as Mr Modi does. The ‘acchhe din’ have come only for him, Amit Shah, Nirav Modi and Mallya. The BJP has tried to change the Indian Constitution and if democracy has to be saved, no one should vote for it.”

BJP in Karnataka is facing a tough time because of the internal rift in the party after the announcement of the candidate list. The party’s decision to not offer candidacy to Tejaswini Ananth Kumar, the wife of veteran leader Anant Kumar, have displeased quite a few in the party.

Karnataka would poll on May 12 and results would be out on May 15th.

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