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New Delhi:

As suggested by Facebook’s Ad library report, there were a total of 51,810 political ads amounting to Rs.10crore between February and March 30 this year. BJP leads in terms of ads via facebook.

A week prior to this announcement, the numbers were 41,974 and the spending Rs.8.58 crores. As suggested by Facebook, the topics of the ads were related to politics and issues of national importance.

One of the pages that featured in the whole report of Facebook is “Bharat Ke Mann Ki Baat” which had spread across 3,700 ads spending more than Rs 2.23 crore. BJP had spent an amount of 36.2 lakhs for about 1100 ads. Other pages that had spent huge amounts are ‘My First Vote for Modi’ and ‘Nation with NaMo.”

Compared to this, the Indian National Congress page had 410 ads and its ad spend was Rs 5.91 lakh. Biju Janata Dal had a spending of Rs 8.56 lakh, Telegu Desam Party (TDP) Rs 1.58 lakh and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Rs 58,355 in the said timeframe.

In a meeting held by the election commission last year, all parties barring BJP wanted the election expenditure to be capped.

The election commission (EC) had suggested the government to amend the existing rule to introduce a cap for election expenditure.

“It should be either 50% or not more than the expenditure ceiling limit provided for the candidate multiplied by the number of candidates of the party contesting the election,” the EC has told the Law Ministry.

According to EC, putting a ceiling to election expenditures would ensure a level playing field for all the political parties. It would also help in curbing the menace of unaccounted money in elections.

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