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New Delhi:

What is likely to escalate the mounting tension between Kashmir and the ruling party BJP, the national party in its Lok Sabha election manifesto released on Monday has proposed to scrap Article 370 of the constitution. Article 370 provides special status to J&K.

“In the last five years, we have made all necessary efforts to ensure peace in Jammu and Kashmir through decisive actions and firm policy. We are committed to overcoming all obstacles that come in the way of development and provide adequate financial resources to all the regions of the state. We reiterate our position, since the time of the Jan Sangh, to the abrogation of Article 370,” the BJP Lok Sabha election manifesto reads.

The manifesto also mentions about annulling Article 35A of the constitution of India. Article 35A grants special rights and privileges to the “permanent residents” of the state.

“We are committed to annulling Article 35A of the Constitution of India as the provision is discriminatory against non-permanent residents and women of Jammu and Kashmir. We believe that Article 35A is an obstacle in the development of the state. We will take all steps to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for all residents of the state.” reads the manifesto.

The manifesto says that the party is committed to overcoming all obstacles that come in the way of development in the state. It also claimed that the NDA government has made all necessary efforts to maintain peace in the valley.

BJP Chief Amit Shah had earlier made public comments on scrapping Article 370 and Article 35A. This was later condemned and countered by major politicians in Kashmir.

“As for 370 and 35A, this was on BJP’s agenda since the day of its inception, is there even today and will always remain until they are removed,” Shah said during an interview in Economic Times.

While addressing a rally in Ahmedabad on Saturday Shah made people gathered there to chant a slogan that “entire Kashmir belongs to us.”

PDP Chief and former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir responded saying that Shah is “daydreaming.”

“We will chop off the hands of those who will try to abrogate the special status of Jammu and Kashmir,” she added.


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