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New Delhi:

After getting backlash in the Rafale deal from the Supreme Court, BJP is attacking Congress president Rahul Gandhi over a comment he made last day. As the SC has decided to reject the government plea that some documents regarding the Rafale deal were stolen and hence should not be admitted, Rahul Gandhi claimed that the Supreme Court has made it “clear” that Prime Minister Narendra Modi “committed a theft”. Quoting his comment, senior BJP leader and defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman accused Congress president of contempt of court.

Addressing a press conference, union minister Nirmala Sitharaman said, “The Congress president probably doesn’t read even half a paragraph of the court’s order. But here, by saying that the court has said ‘chowkidaar chor hai’, it is verging on contempt of court. The president of a party which has been in power for so many years has shown his frustration by attributing words to the apex which were not uttered”, she said.

“We consider those documents as stolen. We will comply with the court’s orders, and the order today was restricted to whether or not these documents, illegally obtained, and published in certain newspapers and magazines were to be part of the consideration on admitting the review petition,” she added. Minister also said that Rahul Gandhi had crossed the line of decency in his comments on the court, adding that he was ” repeatedly misleading people on the Rafale fighter jet deal.”

It was on Wednesday, Gandhi had said that the SC decision is a moral victory and a vindication of what Congress has been saying on the deal. Speaking to reporters in Amethi after filing his nomination papers, Gandhi said, “Today, the Supreme Court has made it clear that ‘chowkidar Ji ne chori karwaai hai’.

The SC has accepted that there has been some corruption in Rafale deal. Rahul Gandhi then challenged Modi to a debate on the Rafale military aircraft deal, which the Congress claims involved corruption, a charge repeatedly rejected by the government.

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