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Madhya Pradesh:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that if he commits any financial wrongdoing, the income tax officials should raid his residence too as the law is equal for all. “The law is equal for everyone,” he told people at an election rally in Sidhi district in Madhya Pradesh.

“After income tax raids, Congress leaders say, ‘we are politicians, why are you raiding our place ?’ The country’s law is equal to all. If Modi does anything wrong, the Modi’s home also must be raided by the Income Tax. The law must be equal to all,” he said.

Modi also hit an attack on Congress over corruption. He alleged Congress saying that the Congress had committed the ‘Tughlaq road election scam’ and the money so accumulated was being used for the poll campaign of its chief Rahul Gandhi. It’s because the Congress president’s residence in New Delhi is on Tughlaq Road. Modi also claimed that corruption was the “only protocol” in the opposition party. The Central Board of Direct Taxes had said the department has also detected a trail of Rs 20 crore suspect cash allegedly being moved to the “headquarters of a major political party in Delhi” from the house of an important person who lives on Tughlaq Road, home to many VIPs.

He also accused the Congress of announcing various schemes and committing scams under the guise of those schemes. He said that “From Delhi to Bhopal, in Congress, corruption is a symbol of manners. Your chowkidar is alert. Neither the naamdaar nor his ministers will be saved.”

Earlier this month, the tax department had searched the homes of Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s associates. Nath had accused the BJP government at the Centre of misusing state bodies against opponents. Referring to this, Modi said, “They are crying that why were they targeted by the agencies. But they were raided as they indulged in wrongdoing. If Modi is found to do such things then he should also not be spared.”

He also criticised Congress for the way it had dealt with the issue of terrorism while in power and remarked that the approach to tackling the menace has changed under the NDA government.

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