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Election Commission on Monday revealed that it had received 49 complaints on violation of the model code of conduct (MCC). It also informed that decisions have been taken for 43 cases while 6 is still under consideration.

Addressing the press, Deputy Election Commissioner Sandeep Saxena, said that the Model Code of Conduct was violated 28 times in the 43 cases considered. The various decisions taken in case of violation of MCC includes warnings, censure, “no campaign for a certain period” and FIRs in a few cases.

Responding to queries regarding the verbal dissent expressed by two election officers, he said that the provisions are such that unanimous decisions shall be taken in most of the cases and it had been followed.

“But in some of the cases, there may be a differing view and whatever is the majority view is what is taken as the final decision,” he said.

Asked about the complaints regarding Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, he responded that in 11 particular cases, there was a court direction and a reply would be filed in the court. He also said he won’t comment on it further as it is a subjudice matter.

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