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South India which got a step-motherly treatment under Modi rule, will have an instrumental role in “deciding the political fate of the country”, said Sashi Tharoor in an interview given to PTI.

“I think the south will definitely play an instrumental role in deciding the political fate of the country, particularly in the context of voting out the present ruling dispensation, under whose tenure, the south has an understandable case of step-motherly treatment under the Centre,” Tharoor told PTI.

Talking about the candidature of Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad, Tharoor said that this would send a message that south would not be neglected if elected to power. “As my own experiences in Kerala tell me, this message has been widely and popularly received and it is clear that the south will overwhelmingly side with the Congress as the most credible alternative to the present ruling dispensation,” the Congress leader said.

He also accused the BJP government of its  “widespread assault” on the spirit of cooperative federalism which has held the country together since Independence. Tharoor added that Rahul Gandhi has all the qualities to make an excellent Prime Minister of the country.


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