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New Delhi:

Condemning Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his recent remarks about former PM Rajiv Gandhi, over 200 Delhi University teachers have issued a signed statement on Monday, which was tweeted by Sam Pitroda of the Indian Overseas Congress. In a rally at Uttar Pradesh on last Saturday, Narendra Modi had targeted Congress president Rahul Gandhi on the Rafale issue and said: “Your father was termed Mr Clean by his courtiers, but his life ended as bhrashtachari no 1, (corrupt number 1).”

“History records the deeds of the good and the noble but rarely does it pay attention to the carping of lesser individuals. The achievements of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi are known to all. The nation acknowledges this in so many ways. When India beat back the invaders from Kargil, our soldiers shouted slogans praising Rajiv Gandhi for Bofor’s gun even though Rajivji had been martyred a decade ago. As other random examples of his achievements, the nation knows that if train travel is so much more convenient today it is because of his acumen in computerising rail reservation. If our IT companies earn, each year, billions of dollars in foreign revenue, it is because of the farsighted wisdom of Rajivji. If India is connected as a nation through advances in the telecom sector it is because of the policies and actions of Rajivji”, the statement read.

“Narendra Modi has lowered the dignity of the office of the prime minister by making derogatory and untrue remarks about the late Rajivji, who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of the nation,” the statement said.

Later, the official Twitter handle of the Congress re-tweeted the post by senior party member Sam Pitroda. “Statement by over 200 Delhi University teachers condemning Narendra Modi for his remarks on the late Rajiv Gandhi with actual signatures… Sharing some of them here”, Pitroda wrote along with the tweet.

On Sunday, Rahul had responded to the PM’s comment. “Modi ji, the battle is over. Your Karma awaits you. Projecting your inner beliefs about yourself onto my father won’t protect you. All my love and a huge hug, Rahul,” he tweeted.

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