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Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s unconditional apology to the Supreme Court for attributing his “chowkidar chor hai” slogan against Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the court shows the Opposition party’s “political bankruptcy”, claimed BJP.

Taking a swipe at Congress, and addressing them as a habitual liar, BJP leader Prakash Javedkar said, “Rahul Gandhi had to apologise to the Supreme Court for attributing lies to the Supreme Court. Congress is a habitual liar. This is political bankruptcy. This is desperation.”

Listing out the 52 abuses that Congress and Opposition parties have hurled at Modi so far, he claimed, the more they abuse, the more seats BJP will win in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

“They are doing this out of sheer desperation and hatred for their leader because they understand that in front of Modi, they stand no chance to win public confidence. They are hurling casteist abuses. This is Congress culture. It is happening because we are discussing scams,” he said.

He added that Congress was “desperate” as it stood no chance to win people’s confidence.

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