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Addressing a rally at Kurukshetra in Haryana, BJP’s Narendra Modi, said that he was a victim of oppression, as Congress is continually hurling abuses at him under the shield of love.

“These leaders didn’t even spare my mother and asked who my father is, and all these abuses were hurled at me after I became the Prime Minister. It was nothing but one-sided oppression,” he said.

Modi added that he was abused for pointing out the corrupt activities and dynastic politics of Congress and its leaders. Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet to Modi, which said, “will return your hatred with love”, Modi said that oppression is the way in which Congress show their love.

“A Congress leader called me gandi nali ka keeda (an insect from a drain), there was another who addressed me a mad dog. Their leaders called me Raavan, snake, maut ka saudagar (trader of death), Hitler, Qadhaffi, Dawood Ibrahim … and what not,” he said.

He also said that Congress had targeted and humiliated many innocent people in the name of “Hindu terror”. At the same time, he used the opportunity to praise the BJP government for its defence policies.

No nation can become a world power without strengthening its defence policy. The BJP government made a strong defence policy whereas the Congress, which was in power for seven decades, kept silent on defence policy for the country,” he said.

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