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Mamta’s arrogance will result in her downfall, says Modi, addressing a political rally in Bankura, West Bengal. The war of words between the Prime Minister and the Bengal Chief Minster ensued in the aftermath of Cyclone Fani when the PMO sought details on the scale of destruction from the CM of Orissa but the Governor of Bengal. In its defence, it claims the calls were unanswered by the CM.

Though initially, Ms Banerjee stated that she was in Kharagpur to assess the degree of destruction of the Cyclone and hence she was unable to attend calls, she later expressed her opposition to talk to Modi. “I do not consider him Prime Minister now. When the new Prime Minister comes, we will speak with that person”, Mamta Banerjee had said, speaking at a rally at Gopiballavpur on April 29th.

Modi retorted that the statement was an insult to the constitution. The polls are scheduled for the 12th of May for the Bankura constituency together with 7 other constituencies in the state.

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