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Escalating the war of words between PM Modi and Mamata Banerjee, on Thursday she challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to prove his allegations that Trinamool Congress candidates were involved with the coal mafia or do 100 sit-ups.

Banerjee responded to Modi’s claims saying the Coal Ministry, which controls the mines, functioned under the Centre and the mines were guarded by the Central Industrial Security Force.

“Coal is administered by the Centre. It is guarded by the CISF. BJP men are the agents. How can TMC men be coal mafia? You have to explain,” she said.

“People belonging to the BJP are involved in the illegal business of coal,” she added. Banerjee also claimed she possessed a pen drive that has information about a Union minister and a BJP MP “dealing in cattle smuggling”.

Sharpening her attack on PM Modi from the Bankura rally, the West Bengal CM said that PM Modi “looks like Ravana and rules like Duryodhana”.

“Don’t accuse my family. I am alone, the people are my family. You have your wife, but do you take care of her? You don’t care for your wife and you speak about the families of others? Don’t you have any shame?” she asked.

Banerjee also invited PM Modi to a debate. “I challenge PM Modi to a debate on India’s history. There will be no papers or teleprompters. You will ask me questions to which I shall reply, and I shall ask you questions, to which you have to respond.”


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