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New Delhi:

As his 2017 remark on Modi, where he referred to Modi as “Neech Aadmi”, became controversial, Mani Shanker Aiyar agreed to have made certain statements about him, however, refused to discuss things in detail.

“There is a whole article, picking out one line from it and saying “now talk on this”. I’m not ready to be involved in your games, I am stupid, but not that stupid (main ullu hoon, lekin itna bada ullu nahi hoon),” he said.

Earlier he had said that he stands by whatever he said and had called it prophetic. He also claimed that he had always been a victim of media. “I have been a victim of the media and it has caused me significant damage,” he said.

BJP lashed out at Aiyar’s comments.

“Upset that Sam Pitroda was getting all the attention, the irrepressible Mani Shankar Aiyar pulls Pitroda’s foot out of his mouth and puts it in his… Reiterates and justifies his ‘Neech’ comment for PM!” tweeted BJP’s Amit Malviya.

Sambit Patra also slammed the “jewel of the Gandhi family”, and said, “Jewel of the Gandhi family too has contributed to the “Politics of Love” of Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha Eelctions2019 by defining His “Neech comment” on Modi ji as prophetic …”

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