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The alliance made by opposition parties have finalised 10 prime ministerial candidates and won’t take much time to decide, informed Mamata Banerjee. She revealed this in an interview given to The Indian Express. She also stated that the prime concern, however, is to defeat the current PM, Narendra Modi.

“I wanted Opposition unity. Someone needs to bell the cat. So I tried to organise an Opposition rally in Kolkata. All Opposition leaders joined the conclave. We have several senior leaders, Sharad Pawar, Sharad Yadav,  Devegowda. We have 10 prime ministerial candidates. After elections, we all can sit together and finalise a name,” she said.

Though there had been instances of violence during the poll day, Mamata tried to normalise them. “There are a few small incidents. It happens everywhere during elections. A section of national media that is controlled by the Bharatiya Janata Party highlights it. They want to show Bengal in a bad light. Also, there are a lot of fake pictures doing the rounds on social media. They are old photos, some are even photos from other countries. Once they put up a picture from Bangladesh. It’s very sad,” she stated.

Mamata and Modi have been attacking each other in election rallies. She had referred to him as Duryodhana and Expiry PM, while she was ridiculed as sticker didi.

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