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A Swedish court, on Monday, rejected a request to arrest Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, over a rape case accusation in 2010. The ruling also suggests that Swedish prosecutors cannot immediately demand the extradition of Mr.Assange.

Assange had from the beginning, denied the accusation against him. He is also serving a 50-week long sentence in the U.K as he skipped bail after spending near to seven years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in his attempt to avoid extradition to Sweden.

“As Julian Assange is currently serving a prison sentence, the investigation can proceed with the help of a European investigation order, which does not require Julian Assange’s detention (in Sweden). The court, therefore, does not find it proportional to detain Julian Assange,” the judgment said.

Sweden had earlier closed all the charges on Assange, however, re-opened the case in 2017, when Ecuador revoked its grant of asylum to Assange in April this year and permitted British police to arrest him. Both the US and Sweden had been competing on extradition requests.

“He is in prison for half a year at least, and he is detained on behalf of the United States. So there is no point detaining him in Sweden too,” Assange’s lawyer Samuelson said.

Assange is also facing charges of computer intrusion U.S.

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