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Putting an end to all speculations, CPIM general secretary Sitaram Yechuri admitted that the votes from CPIM would have shifted to BJP in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.

However, Yechury blamed TMC for this unfortunate circumstance. He said it might be in a desperate attempt to counter the terror tactics of TMC that left voters might have voted for BJP.

“Today for all those the priority is relief from the repression and terror Trinamool has unleashed those sections are likely to vote for BJP. And the sections today who want to safeguard and secular democratic organisations to defeat the BJP they would move towards Trinamool,” Yechury said.

He also alleged that the political space in Bengal is heavily polarised between Trinamool Congress and BJP leaving little space for other democratic groups to function.

“What is developing in Bengal is a polarisation between the BJP and the Trinamool…This is the lowest presence of the Left in the Indian Parliament,” he said.

However, he was cautious enough to not blame the cadres. He pointed out that the vote shift is limited to the left support base.

“No party member would have voted (for BJP) but the Left vote support base who for eight years they have been victims of this intense terror and repression could have done so,” he clarified.

The left front which had ruled Bengal undisputedly for 30 years since 1977 was brought down by Mamta Banerjee’s Trinamul Congress.

However, the Left Font’s vote share in West Bengal has come down to a mere 7.46%, while BJP’s vote share has gone up to 40.25%.

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