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Pakistan on Sunday made it clear that it was waiting for India’s decision to lift the airspace ban. They also reiterated that there is still no official communication with India regarding the opening of the airspace.

“We have already opened this point, Telem (near Ahmedabad), about two months ago, for India. It was India that has to open it now, enabling the flights to use this airspace,” the Pakistani government official told PTI.

He said since there is no official communication between the two countries in this respect taken place yet “we will see what Notam (notice to airmen) it (India) issues today.”

When asked about opening of other around 10 routes (points), the official said: “Once the Indian government lifts the air restriction on Pakistani flights on these routes, Pakistan will certainly follow suit.”

It is expected that these points will gradually be opened this month.

On the other hand, the Indian Air Force (IAF) Friday informed that temporary restrictions on all air routes in the Indian airspace, imposed by it on February 27, have been lifted.

The flights from Europe and the US flying in and out of New Delhi have been the worst hit because of the ban.


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