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Kerala witnesses a tragic death of an old man, caused by the inactive treatment of hospitals. A critically ill patient, on Wednesday, died after being denied treatment at three hospitals, including a government hospital at Kottayam district in Kerala.

The deceased was identified as Jacob Thomas, a native of Swaraj in Idukki district. Relatives said that the Kottayam medical college officials refused to admit Jacob Thomas. Meanwhile, doctors said that they did not admit the patient as the hospital did not have a ventilator facility. Relatives also said that two other private hospitals, to which they took Jacob Thomas also refused to admit him.

He was referred to Kottayam medical college by a doctor in Idukki when his breathing problems worsened. The patient died in the ambulance by the afternoon. At one point, Jacob Thomas himself was pleading to the doctors to check on him. Even then, none of the doctors or nurses came to check the patient. Stating that medical negligence had caused the death of Jacob Thomas, his relatives said they would seek legal action against the hospitals and health care providers responsible.

However, Kerala Health Minister K K Shylaja has ordered an investigation into the matter.

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