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A recent study published in the European Journal of Personality suggests that sleep determines one’s personality. The study suggests that the quality of sleep that one is obtaining in particular week, is likely to inform your personality five years from now.

“Sleep is very dynamic and biologically regulated, yet is also a personal characteristic,” said study author Zlatan Krizan, a professor of psychology at Iowa State University.

“Uncovering which personality features predict the nature and rhythm of our sleep is important from a theoretical perspective as well as clinical. Plus I have to admit that my life-long insomnia motivated me to find what sleep may show about who we are.”

The researches have reached this conclusion after analysing the sleep patterns of 382 individuals who had been a part of Midlife Development in the U.S. Study. Thy initially studied the basic personality traits of these 382 individuals. A few years later, the participants were asked to wear sleep monitoring devices and provided the researchers with daily evaluations of their sleep quality for one week.

The team identifies four critical aspects during each sleep cycle: duration, continuity, subjective quality, and architecture, or the “patterning of sleep state and biological activity.”

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