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During this month of June, Jupiter will be appearing its biggest and brightest in the sky, offering everyone the opportunity to get a good look at the largest planet in the solar system, without using any special types of equipment. Jupiter will be easily visible to the naked eye all month long, with the most ideal conditions happening next week. With a pair of binoculars, we will be able to get an even more spectacular view of the planet, as well as the four largest Jovian moons.

NASA said the gas giant is at its biggest and brightest this month and will be visible all night. The planet will reach opposition, the annual occurrence when the Jupiter, Earth and the Sun are arranged in a straight line, with Earth in the centre. So, mark your calendars for Monday, as it will be the best time of the year to see it.

“The solar system’s largest planet is a brilliant jewel to the naked eye, but looks fantastic through binoculars or a small telescope, which will allow you to spot the four largest moons, and maybe even glimpse a hint of the banded clouds that encircle the planet,” NASA officials posted on their website.

June 12 is another big day for Jupiter as it will be closer to our planet than at any other time in 2019, according to Earth Sky. At its closest, Jupiter will come within 398 million miles of Earth.

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