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Four passengers of Kerala express died in extreme heat at Jhansi on Tuesday. The passengers were heading towards Coimbatore, their hometown, in a non-AC compartment. One of them has been hospitalised in critical condition. They were part of a 67-member pilgrim group who were travelling in two coaches.

The deceased earlier had reported uneasiness and went unconscious as the train reached Gwalior. Following this, the TTE requested for medical assistance and reported the case at Jhansi station. However, they couldn’t be saved.

“A team of doctors examined them on board the train at Jhansi; three of them had passed away by then and one passenger was rushed to the hospital,” said Manoj Kumar Singh, a railway official. The four have been identified by railway officials as Bal Krishna Ramaswamy, 70, P Kamala, 76, Subbaraiyya, 80 and Dhiva Nai. They were returning to Coimbatore from Agra.

Heat-wave is likely to continue for a couple of days in Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and?Madhya Pradesh among others as per meteorological department. Temperatures had reached close to 49 degrees in Uttar Pradesh.

“Shortly after we left Agra, the heat became unbearable and some people started complaining of breathing problems and uneasiness. Before we could get some help, they collapsed,” said a member of the group to IANS.

Heat-wave has already extended for a period of 32 days this year. The last time India witnessed a summer as worse as this was in 1988, wherein it extended for a period of 33 days.

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