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Known for his performance in the web series, “Mirzapur” Actor Ali Fazal says content on digital platforms is taking showbiz by storm.

“Digital platforms, needless to say, are taking the content industry by a storm. There are so much happening and so much new promising content. Internationally, there’s an abundance of such platforms and content which is now competing with films neck-to-neck at several levels,” Ali said in a statement.

Apart from Amazon Prime Video’s “Mirzapur 2”, Ali has been signed on by another digital platform, this time for an original film. Directed by Samit Basu and Shashanka Ghosh, the said film is a comedy of sorts of a man stuck in fears locking himself in his house for months.

He said, “In India, with the boom of internet and mobile phones, we are steering towards greater content being produced digitally and I’m happy to be part of this wave of change. It’s young and it’s very exciting as an actor to be part of two of the biggest platforms, helps to get an exposure of a magnitude which wasn’t imaginable a few years back.”

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