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Anurag Kashyap says that he gets a lot of unwarranted attention for backing a film simply because he likes it. He said if he like a particular work, then he would promote it in any capacity.

“I’ll do that because I love the film. I genuinely feel there’s a lot of mythology around me among cinephiles and filmmakers. I feel a lot of times, I get undue credit, especially when I’m producing a first-time filmmaker’s work.”

“People think I must’ve made it. Which is not true because I don’t go on the set of a film I produce. I don’t do these things,” Kashyap told PTI in an interview.

When it was pointed out that his debut “Gangs of Wsseypur” earned Rs.50 crore, Kashyap said there are newcomers who have done better than him. On June 22, Anurag had written on Twitter about Gangs of Wasseypur.

“Seven years back is exactly when my life got ruined. Since then all everyone wants me to do is the same thing over and over again. Whereas I have only been unsuccessfully trying to get away from that expectation. Anyways hope that Saadhe Saati is over by the end of 2019,” Kashyap tweeted on Saturday.

“I’ve reached a stage where I finish my work and move on to the next. I leave my release to the producers, distributors. I don’t even sit on my own posters or trailers. I like making my film. I don’t like anyone to touch my film. It should release the way I’ve edited it. I just don’t want my film or me to be violated. That’s it.

Kashyap is currently working on a film starring Roshan Mathew

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